VNO-NCW pays visit to EvoSwitch data center during Sustainability Day

Company visit to discuss best practices in the field of sustainability in IT

On 11 November, EvoSwitch, one of the most energy efficient data centers in the Netherlands, organized a visit to its Haarlem-based data center operation in cooperation with and for the members of the Amsterdam metropolitan branch of VNO-NCW, the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers. The visit was one of the events during Sustainability Day and brought together representatives of 30 different organizations from the Amsterdam region, providing them with a platform to exchange ideas about sustainability. 

Eric Boonstra, managing director of EvoSwitch, comments: ¡°While it is true that the ICT industry consumes huge amounts of energy, at the same time it also leads the way in terms of sustainability initiatives. By thinking outside the box, IT companies are developing more and more environmentally-friendly alternatives. With this in mind, we were keen to use this day to share thoughts about the opportunities and possibilities for sustainable business practices from our experience of working with different organizations.¡± 

Boonstra continues: ¡°During this day we were pleased to show other organizations which measures the data center industry is taking to limit its growing energy usage. Usage within the ICT sector is very high, but as the main ICT region in the Netherlands Amsterdam is taking the lead in the field of energy efficiency with a variety of initiatives. EvoSwitch rates highly in terms of sustainability and aims to continue to pioneer initiatives in this field. We are anxious to share our knowledge about energy usage and sustainable technologies with businesses in the region.¡±

This drive to achieve optimal energy efficiency serves the interest of society as well as the economic interest of the organization, says Boonstra: ¡°Energy costs account for a significant part of the bills we send our customers. By making structural energy savings, we can simply offer our services more cheaply, and that gives us a substantial competitive edge. Other organizations might also be able to benefit twofold from sustainable and energy-efficient business practices.¡±

Sustainability Day is an initiative of the Urgenda Foundation and was launched in 2009 with the aim of stimulating sustainable activities. During Sustainability Day various events are held by and for private individuals, companies, schools and government agencies, both national and local, in order to focus attention on the issue of sustainability. EvoSwitch decided to join this initiative in order to highlight the importance of sustainability within all organizations with high energy usage, and within IT organizations in particular. The data center is therefore also actively engaged in a range of green initiatives such as The Green Grid, the Climate Neutral Group, the Multi-Year Program of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs to promote energy conservation in data centers, Green IT Amsterdam Region and the 'Groene Mug' (climate-neutral) initiative of the Municipality of Haarlem.