About Us

Ocom is Europe's leading internet services company. Ocom and its subsidiaries are part of the experience of millions of internet users around the world every day. Companies trust our companies to bring content to end users in a reliable fashion. Our companies provide sustainable internet services that enable individuals and businesses to establish, maintain, and evolve an online presence.

Ocomí»s companies fulfill this function by offering reliable, innovative and cost effective solutions for the global transmission of sound, images, data, transactions and entertainment. Our companies currently transport 5 Tbps across the internet, which makes us one of the premier internet hosting providers in the world. We aim to continue to plan and grow our network, services, and technology to meet the future needs of our customers.

Competitive Advantages

  • Market leader in bare metal servers and cloud
  • State-of-the-art datacenters
  • Leader in the provision of environmentally friendly, cost effective í«greení» hosting
  • Strong brand recognition
  • Leading proprietary technology
  • Substantial economy of scale
  • Highly motivated engineering and project management resources
  • Superb connectivity
  • Highest build and equipment quality
  • Customer-oriented focus