KPN subsidiary Infonet Nederland chooses ¡®green¡¯ data center EvoSwitch

Target group Infonet¡¯s climate-neutral data center cabinets: multinationals 

Infonet Nederland, supplier of high-quality international network and data center services to multinationals, has put 42 data center cabinets into use within EvoSwitch. The choice for the Dutch carrier-neutral data center, which operates climate-neutrally, is largely thanks to the available space and the electrical capacity within EvoSwitch.

Purchasing cabinet space facilitates growth of Infonet Nederland
¡°The maximum capacity of the data centers of Infonet Nederland was almost in sight,¡± explains Joost Peters, Vice President Data Center Services Infonet Nederland. ¡°For this reason, we decided to buy in external data center capacity for the short and medium term in order to be able to facilitate our further growth. In our search for a suitable data center in and around Amsterdam it emerged that EvoSwitch was one of the few parties that had sufficient space available and was able to fulfil our specific electrical capacity requirements.¡±

Technical knowledge EvoSwitch
Infonet Nederland was particularly impressed by the thorough technical knowledge which is present company-wide throughout the EvoSwitch organisation. Peters: ¡°The technical realisation of EvoSwitch clearly demonstrates considerable experience. It was remarkable that even the Financial Director could supply us with technical knowledge concerning the technique and the specifications. The whole operation gave us confidence concerning the realisation of our company aims and the mutual collaboration between EvoSwitch and Infonet Nederland.¡±

Scarce data center space
EvoSwitch is one of the few data centers in the Amsterdam region with more than enough space. This is because the data center only opened in April 2007, and in Q2 of 2008 the next construction stage will provide even more floor area. Peters: ¡°EvoSwitch is clearly profiting from the current high demand for data center space. Considering the scarcity in the region, they have apparently chosen exactly the right moment to enter the data center market.¡±

Electrical capacity
The electrical capacity was also one of the reasons why Infonet Nederland chose EvoSwitch. EvoSwitch has recently doubled the capacity from 10 MVA (Mega Volt Ampere) to 20 MVA, which represents around 20 million Watt. With this capacity, the energy capacity of the data center is extremely voluminous. In addition, the cabinets in the 2nd stage of EvoSwitch, which will be opened shortly, wil