LeaseWeb announces 100TB dedicated servers

LeaseWeb, one of the largest hosting providers in Europe, announced today a new line of hosting solutions including dedicated servers provisioned with 100 Terabytes (TB) of bandwidth a month. LeaseWeb uses high quality Dell or HP servers which are connected to a dedicated 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) port to assure customers the highest connectivity currently available. 

LeaseWeb¡¯s introduction of 100TB hosting service in Europe, with value pricing, marks a milestone in internet service, driving costs down for users, while providing superior bandwidth and connectivity. No long term contracts or setup fees are required. Customers can obtain servers for a month or for an extended period. Servers may be provisioned with variants of Linux, BSD, or Windows at the option of the customer, with many additional customisable features available. Customers may also obtain 1Gbps unmetered port upgrades for servers at a small additional cost.

With inter-connections to all major internet exchanges in Europe, LeaseWeb¡¯s offering is unique in terms of price-point and network quality. LeaseWeb¡¯s 100TB service sharply reduces the cost of hosting and transferring large amounts of data. 100TB servers are ideal for extreme bandwidth users, including large websites, storage applications, and managing databases. LeaseWeb¡¯s network now exceeds 1.5Tbps in capacity with eight datacenters in the Netherlands, United States, Germany, and Belgium.  LeaseWeb also has affiliations with a global network of carriers.

Each 100TB package is provisioned with a Dell or HP server to provide a high quality user experience, and comes with hardware support at no additional charge. Ruud Mous, commercial director of LeaseWeb noted: ¡°LeaseWeb has been the leader in the hosting industry since 1997, pioneering affordable, high quality hosting. With LeaseWeb¡¯s 100TB packages we have expanded our range of offerings to provide customers with our highest value hosting package and LeaseWeb¡¯s well-known reputation for superior connectivity. LeaseWeb peers with incumbent carriers globally. Our 100TB offering gives customers unparalleled server value -- with extreme quality connectivity and service. We expect a large demand for these servers. With this offering we are taking hosting to the next level.¡±