LeaseWeb celebrates an ongoing 15 year partnership with Microsoft

LeaseWeb, one of the largest hosting providers in Europe, has teamed up with Microsoft to offer customers a series of special ¡®one time¡¯ promotions to celebrate their fifteen year relationship. LeaseWeb started with seven Microsoft servers in a data centre in the Netherlands, and now boasts a global network of 36,000 servers many which use Windows Server technology.

Over the past 15 years, hosting solutions have evolved with the market as more content rich and functional websites have developed. In the next 15 years, it is predicted hosting will move to more utility-based and mobile infrastructure, which will change internet economics substantially. Today, the price of hosting is very much dependent on the resources a customer signs up to use at the beginning of the contract. In the future, the charges will be based on actual usage (down to hourly usage). Customers will have access to a highly scalable hosting infrastructure, often spread among multiple POP¡¯s for redundancy and global coverage. Together, LeaseWeb and Microsoft are investing in this space and will continue to work together providing cutting edge hosting solutions.

The price for a LeaseWeb virtual server with the following specifications: 1 Core, 1GB RAM, 60GB Storage and 1TB Traffic will be 19 Euro per month (ex VAT) for every customer that signs up between now and the 15th of June, it was announced today.

Additionally, LeaseWeb and Microsoft have an exclusive offer for new customers with dedicated server requirements. For all new customers signing up for a dedicated server, in the period between now and 15th of June, a 50% discount will apply on the Windows Server licensing fees.

¡°The partnership between LeaseWeb and Microsoft has been a major contributor to LeaseWeb¡¯s rapid growth,¡± commented Ruud Mous, Commercial Director at LeaseWeb. ¡°Customers appreciate the ease of use, advanced features, and security of Windows based servers. We look forward to working with Microsoft in the years to come and believe this special offer will show our new client base the opportunities that the partnership can provide for our customers.¡± Andrew Lund, Director EMEA Partner Cloud and Hosting, Microsoft stated, ¡°The exponential growth that Microsoft is experiencing with LeaseWeb is contributing to our continued investment and commitment to the hosting industry as a whole. We believe the real growth is yet to come as more customers transfer to quality hosting providers, along with the rise in applications moving to the Web.¡±