LeaseWeb partners with LU-CIX

LeaseWeb partners with more Internet exchanges than any other data host in Europe

LeaseWeb, a provider of advanced hosting infrastructure solutions, today announced a partnership with LU-CIX, the Luxembourg Commercial Internet eXchange. This partnership brings LeaseWeb¡¯s peering contracts to twenty, the largest number of any data host in Europe.

Peering lessens traffic via data exchange, avoiding the use of third parties. Partnerships of this nature therefore enhance network speed and build an association of technology companies who exchange data without additional costs. Each new partnership is therefore another important step towards achieving an affordable and reliable broadband Internet service.

¡°Both LeaseWeb and LU-CIX acknowledge the importance of building and maintaining lasting relationships to provide a wider, stronger and more accessible Internet.¡± said Bastiaan Spandow, network architect at LeaseWeb, who continued to comment; ¡°One of the major elements of the LeaseWeb network structure is the high quantity of peer to peer data sharing. This offers our users a wider, more reliable and faster network with no financial implications.¡±

Marco Houwen, President of LU-CIX asbl, says ¡°We are proud to partner with such a high profile and leading data host as LeaseWeb. This is another great step forward in the successful journey of LU-CIX and we hope that this relationship is a long lasting trade off of data and services. LU-CIX has enabled now Internet access providers to address directly with low latency a huge number of Internet sites hosted by LeaseWeb and its costumers.¡±