Ocom Group surpasses 50 million in revenues in 2010

The Ocom group, one of the leading internet services companies in Europe, today announced revenues in excess of 50 million (42.1m) in fiscal year 2010, which represents an increase of over 40% compared to the previous year. Ocom is the owner of global hosting provider LeaseWeb, a market leader in dedicated hosting and carbon neutral datacentre EvoSwitch. It also owns network services company FiberRing and supplier of modular datacentres DataXenter.

Ocom has shown constant and solid growth over the last year, and has been ranked in the Deloitte Technology Fast50 for the Benelux region for the last two years. Con Zwinkels, cofounder and co-owner of Ocom, says of the results: ˇ°We are extremely proud of the results we have achieved in 2010 which is reflected in the substantial growth in revenue.

ˇ°Our gains in 2010 are not only financial; we have also grown in capacity and workforce, helping the company to expand and continue to increase market share and revenues throughout 2011. LeaseWeb recently expanded in to Germany with the acquisition of Netdirekt at the end of last year whilst EvoSwitch will soon open a fifth hall, increasing the present capacity of 4,200 m2 by an additional 5,000 m2. From 1997, when Ocom was founded, the company has rapidly expanded; whilst six years ago we boasted 30 employees and now we have a staff of over 180.ˇ±

The Ocom Group expects to maintain its high growth rate over the coming years. Con continues: ˇ°The internet is continuing to develop and grow through activities such as ecommerce, which is great news for us. Ocom is in a superior position to offer companies a one-stop-shop for internet services; not only can we supply the hosting provider, but the datacentre, network services and the development of modular datacentres too.ˇ±