Polar Adventurer Spreads Environmentally Friendly Message at EvoSwitch Data Center

EvoSwitch, a data center emphasizing sustainable hosting, will treat several major clients to a seminar with the English polar adventurer Robert Swan today. EvoSwitch, the Amsterdam data center with CO2-neutral operations, in collaboration with the Bolster Group management consulting firm wants to inspire its clients to design their data infrastructures as environmentally friendly as possible.

¡°The energy-efficient environment of EvoSwitch gives clients the freedom to make their own choices with regard to purchasing equipment and designing datacenter solutions,¡± says Eric Boonstra, managing director of EvoSwitch. ¡°But we like to see clients follow our example of deploying green technologies, because only then will you utilize the full advantage of the cost-effective, energy-efficient framework that we have created. Clients locating their data infrastructure at EvoSwitch are able to take advantage of the most technically advanced, secure, environmentally friendly datacenter in the world.¡±

EvoSwitch delivers the energy-efficient ¡°green¡± framework within which clients can design their own green data infrastructures. The data center is approximately 50% more energy-efficient than traditional data centers, uses green power and invests in CO2-compensation projects worldwide in collaboration with the Climate Neutral Group.

Energy-efficient ICT infrastructure
The ¡°green¡± seminar to be held today, June 23, at the Cedars restaurant in Amsterdam with world-famous polar adventurer Robert Swan. The purpose is to educate the public of the importance of sustainability in data hosting. The seminar with Robert Swan is part of the Bolster Group¡¯s Leadership for Antarctica management program, including a road show in May and June 2010, which targeted organizations that are leaders in sustainable business operations.

The promotional tour visiting the organizations by means of a sustainable sailing yacht on a trailer was initiated by the Bolster Group and EvoSwitch. Siemens, BMW and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs are among the organizations that support the initiative by the Bolster Group and EvoSwitch, and these organizations have been visited by the yacht. Board members of the organizations were invited on board to receive information on concrete ways to realize sustainable business operations.

The seminar with Robert Swan fits within EvoSwitch¡¯s overall program to inspire its clients to strive for an energy-efficient approach. ¡°Additional methods to achieve this include measuring energy use by the rack,¡± says Stijn Grove, sales manager of EvoSwitch. ¡°We also have a client portal to give them insight into individual energy use and to potentially charge them for what they use to encourage energy conservation. For many companies, this alone is enough of an incentive to take energy-efficiency measures. Many data centers charge fees that include power and therefore do not visualize individual energy use.¡±
Corporate inspiration for sustainability
Grove notes: ¡°We also talk to clients to encourage them to purchase energy-efficient hardware. We have convinced many of our clients to embrace good energy saving practices. Investments in virtualization or cloud computing can also be worthwhile. Several of our clients have achieved significant savings by virtualizing their environments. In short, we not only want to sell colocation, but also participate in our clients¡¯ strategic decision-making processes with regard to growth objectives, data protection, compliance, connectivity and the sustainable design of data-center racks.¡±

Polar adventurer Robert Swan (53) is a gifted story-teller with a very inspiring personality. Swan was the first person ever to invite corporate executives to witness the deterioration of Antarctica in 2003. Upon return, he urged them to become ¡°leaders in sustainable business operations.¡±

Robert Swan, with his organization 2041, works to preserve Antarctica and the environment. He named his organization 2041 because the treaty that protects the untamed nature of Antarctica will expire in 2041. In that year, the treaty may be subject to changes that could endanger Antarctica¡¯s natural environment. Swan¡¯s fight has earned him several major awards, including the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth. 

About 2041/Robert Swan
The British adventurer founded his organization 2041 in 2003 in order to preserve the unspoiled wilderness of Antarctica. He has walked to the North and South Poles, covering a distance of 3,000 kilometers. During his walks he ensured that the waste of earlier polar visitors was cleaned up. Currently, through lectures and Antarctica journeys, Swan is using 2041 to inspire business managers and world leaders to respect the environment and encourage energy saving operations.